CyBox GW-P comes with five slots for Wi-Fi and LTE modules plus a hard disk for media content storage

Mainz, February 5, 2018 – ELTEC Elektronik is expanding its successful compact and robust wireless routers family through the addition of the CyBox GW-P. It combines the functions of a Wi-Fi access point and a communication server in one compact and maintenance-free system solution. The CyBox GW-P was developed specifically for deployment in trains and buses. Thanks to the bundling of up to four LTE channels and data speeds of 600 Mbit/s (downloads) and 200 Mbit/s (uploads), the CyBox GW-P supports broadband vehicle-land data sharing communications. A Wave 2 module provides data speeds of up to 1.7 Gbit/s and 4×4 MIMO as well as two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for local communication.

Four SIM cards per LTE module and intelligent control software make it possible to dynamically use all available links between vehicle and land to realize economic as well as physical criteria, such as the use of different providers to reduce roaming costs or to optimize the available bandwidths. An integrated SSD interface supports the storage of local data and passenger infotainment applications, e.g. the archiving and streaming of videos.

CyBox GW-P is compatible with the railway standard EN 50155. Mobile Wi-Fi-capable devices can communicate with the Internet while riding a passenger train, coach, or trams and the underground and access local data, such as schedule information, videos, etc. Throughout this process, the personal data of the individual users is protected against unauthorized access by a configurable firewall.

Thanks to the integrated wide-range power supply with input voltages from 24 to 110 V DC and its compact, maintenance-free design (its dimensions are just 250 mm x 80 mm x 265 mm, it weighs 1900 g and is IP40 protected), the CyBox GW-P is compatible with railway applications ranging from tram to ICE, as well as automotive applications, such as buses, but also construction and agricultural vehicles with 24 V DC onboard power systems.

The CyBox GW-P can be easily configured and managed through the integrated firmware with web surface. One of the special functional features of the firmware is the Inter Carriage Connection Protocol (ICCP), which was developed by ELTEC. The ICCP makes it possible to automatically implement a wireless LAN backbone, e.g. in a tram, which is important for applications that do not allow for the installation of Ethernet connections between the train cars.